Here’s My Story

Diane Heard

My name is Diane Heard, and for the past ten years, I’ve worked with people from all works of life, helping them to find meaning in their lives.

I didn’t get to this point overnight. I’ve had to deal with plenty of personal struggles.

And like most modern adults, I’ve gone through the various phases of life, juggling the demand of family life with work while doing the best I can to keep up with our fast-past society.

Like many other people, all of these experiences brought blood, sweat, and tears between a few moments of short-lived happiness. But most importantly, the struggles allowed me to learn, overcome, grow, and become a better person. I have come to find what’s most meaningful in my life.

Now, my passion is to support others who go through their unique life challenges. I draw inspiration from my personal journey to help others to heal, become better, and find meaning and balance in their lives.

On my website, you will find several personal practices that can help you along your unique journey. I know how effective these practices are from personal experience and from the results my numerous clients have had using them.

These practices are not about religious beliefs. Instead, they are simple but powerful ways to get your life in harmony and enjoy the emotional and mental benefits that come with them.

Overall, you will find helpful tips and vital information that can help you see yourself in a different light, increase your self-worth, and make more sense out of your life.

Some of the methods and techniques I share on this site may sound strange, especially if you are new to using mindfulness practices to increase overall wellbeing. But trust me, several scientific data support these techniques, and with consistent practice, you will find harmony in your life.

I know there are plenty of things that can make life seem completely out of whack. But the key to finding balance and making sense of your life is to press the reset button every once in a while.

That’s why I invite you to feel free here at The Meaningful Living and explore the different topics until you find something that resonates with you.

Life is meant to be fun, and even if that’s not something that seems true in your experience, I’m sure you’ll soon experience a significant shift as you practice what you find here.